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Round Duct Machinery

Round Duct Machinery[10-11-05 11:17:27]

Introduction of Round Duct Machinery
Our Round Duct Machinery is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Round Duct Machinery has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in duct machinery development, production, sales and service.
Products Information of Round Duct Machinery
Hydraulic Guillotine Beam Shears
Holistic welding structure treated by annealing.
The top rest does the linear motion under the hvdraulic cvlinder′s oressyre.
Both the upper and lower blades are rectangular,and the blade ckearabce can be adjusted manually or by electricity rapidly.
Time relay controls shearing stroke and shearing angles are adjusted electrically.
The forward and backward movement of the back gauge is motorized and indicated by a digital display,while fine adjustments are also availabel.
All major elecetrical and hydraulic elements are assembled with high grade international brands.
A light alignment device makes shearing much easier and more efficient.
Pneumatic back support is optional

Electric Elbow notching machine

Round sheet metal pipe and pipe elbow on the seams, and the compression of the bone-type, hand-made traditional practices, while the R & D and manufacturing of pipe elbow seams, machine, bone-type effect is good, interface seams close, stable performance, productivity is high, operation convenience, and adaptability advantages of wide diameter, completely replace the conventional manual Zhizuo backward technology. For ventilation and cooling, environmental engineering production pipeline interface to use. Pipe elbow seams machine has two kinds of electric and hydraulic, has two work stations, including a working place for the single and double production of bone, the other working spaces for the bonding of bone-type compression.

Hydraulic staving machine

This machine is the elliptical duct ancillary facilities. Mainly oval spiral duct into the duct before the procedure used, the principle is: first round duct gradually pressed into an oval and then into the oval duct machine, expansion molding, is a customer choose the ideal oval duct manufacturing equipment .

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