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Square Duct Machinery

Square Duct Machinery[10-11-05 11:42:07]

Introduction of Square Duct Machinery
Our Square Duct Machinery is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Square Duct Machinery has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in duct machinery development, production, sales and service.
Products Information of Square Duct Machinery
Lock Forming Machine
LA, LD, LB is a common tradition of this series duct production machinery, customers can choose different machinery needed to achieve a machine can, many with wide adaptability. Machine is light weight, mobile convenience, the most suitable for the construction site. Special type of bone can be designed for the customer

Film production line open-book leveling
The line is used for different roll bending. It gets a flat plate of requirement width and length after decoil, leveler and cutting. It is combined with feeding shelf, decoiller, levelling, transporter, guding device set-to-length device, plastic-cover device, shearing machine, transporting table. Equipped with auto length-control and auto-cutting function. The length can be set automatically or mannually with precision and productivity. It is used to process kinds of metal plate, such as cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate and stainless steel, widly used in automotive, agricultural vehicles, containers, household appliances, building materials, processing and packaging industry.

TDF Flange Forming Machine

A total of flange machine both sides of the feed at the same time forming the work, while forming while forming install hook folder shape. Since its adoption of flange plate, so rectangle duct flange possible the rapid production with low cost and installed high efficiency, easy to mass standardized production, especially for larger duct of rectangular cross-section duct.

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