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EPS Shape Molding Machine

EPS foam shaping machine, EPS foam molding production line[10-10-28 14:18:21]
EPS is short for Expandable Polystyrene, which is manufactured from styrene monomer, derivative of ethylene and benzene by using a polymerization process.
EPS is light weight cellular plastics material consisting of small spherical shaped particle containing about 98% air.
This micro cellular closed cell construction provides EPS with excellent insulating and shock absorbing characteristics

EPS is widely used in construction, ship building, refrigeration, heat insulation material for chemical equipment, packing materials of electrical appliance, instruments glass products etc.

A.Packaging and Shapes
B.Cups & Container

For a complete EPS shape molding production line, there are 5 manufacturing stages:

1) Pre-expansion:
Polystyrene granules are expanded by free exposure to steam to form larger beads, each consisting of a series of non-interconnecting cells.

2) Aging:
After expansion, the beads still contain small quantities of both condensed steam and pentane gas. As they cool in the silos, air gradually diffuses into the pores, replacing, in part, the other components.

3) Molding:
The beads are molded to form boards, blocks or customi z ed products. The mould serves to shape and retain the pre-foam, and steam is again used to promote expansion. During molding, the steam causes fusion of each bead to its neighbours, thus forming a homogeneous product.

4) Shaping:
Following a short cooling period, the molded block is removed from the machine, and after further conditioning, may be cut or shaped as required using hot wire elements or other appropriate techniques.

5) Post-production processing:
The finished products which have a huge application in package and construction, such as vegetable and fish box, electronic parts package, wall and roof insulation, concrete foam, house decoration and so on.

EPS Batch pre-expander

EPS Shape molding machine

EPS shape mould

EPS Storage Silos


Raw Material

After the shipment of EPS Shape Moulding Production Line, we will send engineers to customers workshop for assembly, during the installation, local staffs will also be trained.
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